[2022-06-18 Sat 07:37]
Oh hey. redirects to, and I see nothing about Regolith Desktop being in beta anymore. Guess it’s time to update!
[2022-06-12 Sun 19:05]

I’m gonna fill this space with the contents of a tweet thread describing my adventures importing Taskwarrior tasks into Logseq.

[2022-06-11 Sat 10:05]

Got Org Babel playing nice with TypeScript thanks to ob-typescript. It’s a wild Saturday morning here.

Screenshot of an Emacs Org file showing output of executed typescript block

Takes a bit to get there on WSL but the code does run.

[2022-06-09 Thu 23:20]

Meanwhile, in Obsidian:

Screenshot of my Obsidian Note Types page, with Dataview table

Using an Obsidian plugin to organize the mess I made in Obsidian.

[2022-06-09 Thu 10:17]
Seeing some impressive numbers for the Python 3.11 beta on Phoronix: When taking the geometric mean of all the Python benchmarks I carried out for this article on the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, Python 3.11 Beta was about 41% faster overall than the current Python 3.10.4 stable release or 45% over the aging Python 3.8 series. All the individual benchmark data can be found via this result page. via Python Weekly
[2022-06-08 Wed 22:35]
Having put about 150 hours combined into American / European Truck Simulator — for me, a very long time paying attention to the same topic — this review by Yahtzee describing Hardspace: Shipbreaker as a “Dad game” makes it sound possibly relevant to my interests.
[2022-06-08 Wed 10:03]

Started playing with local custom.css to tweak the Panic theme for Logseq.

Screenshot of my Logseq page in Logseq with custom style

Some of those jots go back to Logseq 0.1.x, so don’t trust them.

[2022-06-07 Tue 09:10]

Oh hey the new issue of the Amplenote Sampler newsletter includes some suggestions for handling projects in my big giant mess of notes — sorry, I meant “finely-tuned knowledge management workflow.”

Today’s issue is packed full of Amplenote Tips on creating and keeping track of Projects and exploiting Daily Jots to their full potential.

[2022-06-06 Mon 09:12]
Trying to keep all my notes in one spot. Failing utterly. But hey I am coming up with some fantastic-looking workflows for each note application along the way. logseq-plugin-link-preview and the Solarized Extended theme pair up nicely on Logseq. Figure 1: Logseq screenshot describing my current setup
[2022-05-30 Mon 13:45]

Having a fun day fiddling with the Templater plugin for Obsidian.