[2022-06-21 Tue 15:03]

I'm not dead yet! Site wasn't updating because Netlify failed with an exit code 2. Bit vague. Finally had a few minutes to look closer.

[2022-06-18 Sat 07:37]
Oh hey. <> redirects to <>, and I see nothing about Regolith Desktop being in beta anymore. Guess it's time to update!
[2022-06-12 Sun 19:05]

I'm gonna fill this space with the contents of a tweet thread describing my adventures importing Taskwarrior tasks into Logseq.

[2022-06-11 Sat 10:05]

Got Org Babel playing nice with TypeScript thanks to ob-typescript. It's a wild Saturday morning here.

Takes a bit to get there on WSL but the code does run.
[2022-06-09 Thu 23:20]

Meanwhile, in Obsidian:

Using an Obsidian plugin to organize the mess I made in Obsidian.
[2022-06-09 Thu 10:17]
Seeing some impressive numbers for the Python 3.11 beta on Phoronix: When taking the geometric mean of all the Python benchmarks I carried out for this article on the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, Python 3.11 Beta was about 41% faster overall than the current Python 3.10.4 stable release or 45% over the aging Python 3.8 series. All the individual benchmark data can be found via this result page.
[2022-06-08 Wed 22:35]
Having put about 150 hours combined into American / European Truck Simulator — for me, a very long time paying attention to the same topic — this review by Yahtzee describing Hardspace: Shipbreaker as a “Dad game” makes it sound possibly relevant to my interests.
[2022-06-08 Wed 10:03]
Started playing with local custom.css to tweak the Panic theme for Logseq. Figure 1: Some of those jots go back to Logseq 0.1.x, so don’t trust them. <!–more–> I changed the default text font to OpenDyslexic and code to the Nerd Fonts version of Fantasque Sans Mono. No I’m not dyslexic — at least I’m pretty sure I’m not — but I find these friendlier and easier to read than the more severe fonts in common use.
[2022-06-06 Mon 09:12]
Trying to keep all my notes in one spot. Failing utterly. But hey I am coming up with some fantastic-looking workflows for each note application along the way. logseq-plugin-link-preview and the Solarized Extended theme pair up nicely on Logseq. Figure 1: Logseq screenshot describing my current setup
[2022-05-30 Mon 13:45]
Having a fun day fiddling with the Templater plugin for Obsidian. Figure 1: Screenshot of journal page showing attempts at automating link creation Here’s the template code I have at the moment, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you. Borrowed heavily from ThoughtAsylum and Red Gregory. This is the template I invoke to create a new jot file. It prompts me for an optional topic, creates the file, and inserts a link wherever my cursor is.