[2022-05-10 Tue 05:51]

Oh, and I’m working up yet another Emacs config reset, to simplify the learning process while reading Mastering Emacs. Using better-defaults as the core.

[2022-05-10 Tue 05:49]
Been sick the last couple days. Unsurprising after a week in Vegas. Modest fever confirmed, so it’s not just me being wimpy. At least it’s not COVID, according to home swab test.
[2022-05-08 Sun 14:48]
Comments? Maybe? Let’s find out.
[2022-05-08 Sun 13:37]
Tuning my Org tumblelogging setup for this site but of course since I’m using a Literate Config approach and generally publishing that stuff once updated I am of course reworking my because I wasn’t happy with how a code block was being exported.
[2022-05-08 Sun 01:10]
Trying to finish at least one book before I give in to the temptation to buy Roguelike Development with JavaScript based on an enthusiastic review by Matthew Hughes. Also it’s after 1am here and I should go to bed. Just wanted to read that tab before I closed it, and now I’m all “ooh that sounds good.” anyways goodnight
[2022-05-06 Fri 23:56]
We’re home and freshly scrubbed. The critters missed us. All is well.
[2022-05-05 Thu 14:26]
If I’m using this is a micro-blog type thing, I need to think in single paragraphs more. Anyhow, we needed to decompress so I spent some time puttering on layout here.
[2022-05-05 Thu 11:46]
My only intentional use of Emacs at the moment is assorted Org mode tools, but even at that level it’d sure help to get more comfortable with it. Got myself a copy of Mastering Emacs to fill in a few of the gaps between C-h t and wherever I’ve been at for the last few years.
[2022-05-05 Thu 11:30]
Eight hours of sleep. Such a miracle! Course I think I mentioned we’re staying right in the Fremont Experience, so that required waiting until around 2am to fall asleep. I’m having some fun despite myself, but I am also very much looking forward to getting home.
[2022-05-04 Wed 08:45]
Sure would love to figure out beorg configuration enough to make it part of my posting workflow here. Well I sure won’t be learning all of it during this trip. Maybe after I get home — though the priority drops significantly when I’m in front of my home system.