[2022-10-22 Sat 07:26]
Supposed to be a quick “hey here’s what I’m listening to.” Naturally I spent half an hour being annoyed with trivial display issues. Stay tuned while I decide on a better way to display album details from the local data. Maybe something with beets. Meanwhile, here’s the general idea: Ministry — Land of Rape and Honey (1988) Tracks Ministry - Stigmata (Update Mix) Ministry - The Missing Ministry - Deity Ministry - Golden Dawn Ministry - Destruction Ministry - Hizbollah Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey Ministry - You Know What You Are Ministry - I Prefer Ministry - Flashback [Explicit] Ministry - Abortive Playback and purchase options via Odesli
[2022-08-04 Thu 10:04]

I tried visually replacing a few Logseq tags with icons in CSS. It worked!

logseq page
Three down, a few thousand to go

[2022-08-03 Wed 19:12]
Side note — hah! no? ok sorry — the Vivaldi browser sidebar makes a great spot for Amplenote jots. A bit fiddly for big edits though
[2022-08-01 Mon 22:45]

Continuing to get annoyed at Datalog for queries in Logseq, when I remembered org-roam uses a SQLite database. Plus there’s org-roam-ui, which — sheesh. It’s impressive.

org-roam-ui 3d graph next to emacs window with documents and a SQL query
The graph is real pretty.

[2022-08-01 Mon 09:56]
I already knew Logseq does rich paste with C-v. Today I learned plain-text paste is C-V. That’s Control + Shift + v. Makes it a lot easier to paste bookmark titles.
[2022-07-31 Sun 08:33]

Woke up, saw a Planet Crafter update, trying to find out what it is, grumbling about there being no announcement.

Oh wait I think that’s because they were still typing it.

[2022-07-29 Fri 22:50]

Used CogDB to describe a folder hierarchy. Easier than figuring out how to annotate recursive structures for Mypy.

I got some weird ideas of hard vs easy.

unlabeled graph diagram
No labels or code because it’s work(ish)

[2022-07-26 Tue 08:24]
Forgot to add a summary to my note page for Rust. A programming language focused on Performance, Reliability, Productivity, and Carcinisation There. Much better.
[2022-07-25 Mon 23:38]
Made sure my Neovim and Nushell config pages on the main site reflect something closer to what I’ve got going on these days.
[2022-07-24 Sun 19:03]

Josh Parnell released the source code for Limit Theory, one of those Kickstarter-backed game projects that kind of imploded on a combo of complexity and high expectations.