[2023-02-23 Thu 13:42]
Been getting deeper into SiYuan Note lately. It’s neat, and offers synchronization through Amazon S3 or any compatible service. Compatible? Well heck. Didn’t know that there’s something out there S3 enough without being S3. Using Digital Ocean Spaces for the last month or two. Now I want to try self-hosted. Hopefully I can set up Garage on my Raspberry Pi 4.
[2022-10-22 Sat 07:26]
Supposed to be a quick “hey here’s what I’m listening to.” Naturally I spent half an hour being annoyed with trivial display issues. Stay tuned while I decide on a better way to display album details from the local data. Maybe something with beets. Meanwhile, here’s the general idea: Ministry — Land of Rape and Honey (1988) Tracks Ministry - Stigmata (Update Mix) Ministry - The Missing Ministry - Deity Ministry - Golden Dawn Ministry - Destruction Ministry - Hizbollah Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey Ministry - You Know What You Are Ministry - I Prefer Ministry - Flashback [Explicit] Ministry - Abortive Playback and purchase options via Odesli
[2022-08-04 Thu 10:04]

I tried visually replacing a few Logseq tags with icons in CSS. It worked!

logseq page
Three down, a few thousand to go

[2022-08-03 Wed 19:12]
Side note — hah! no? ok sorry — the Vivaldi browser sidebar makes a great spot for Amplenote jots. A bit fiddly for big edits though
[2022-08-01 Mon 22:45]

Continuing to get annoyed at Datalog for queries in Logseq, when I remembered org-roam uses a SQLite database. Plus there’s org-roam-ui, which — sheesh. It’s impressive.

org-roam-ui 3d graph next to emacs window with documents and a SQL query
The graph is real pretty.

[2022-08-01 Mon 09:56]
I already knew Logseq does rich paste with C-v. Today I learned plain-text paste is C-V. That’s Control + Shift + v. Makes it a lot easier to paste bookmark titles.
[2022-07-31 Sun 08:33]

Woke up, saw a Planet Crafter update, trying to find out what it is, grumbling about there being no announcement.

Oh wait I think that’s because they were still typing it.

[2022-07-29 Fri 22:50]

Used CogDB to describe a folder hierarchy. Easier than figuring out how to annotate recursive structures for Mypy.

I got some weird ideas of hard vs easy.

unlabeled graph diagram
No labels or code because it’s work(ish)

[2022-07-26 Tue 08:24]
Forgot to add a summary to my note page for Rust. A programming language focused on Performance, Reliability, Productivity, and Carcinisation There. Much better.
[2022-07-25 Mon 23:38]
Made sure my Neovim and Nushell config pages on the main site reflect something closer to what I’ve got going on these days.