[2022-05-25 Wed 09:54]

New Windows Terminal Preview release dropped. I spend enough time working in Windows that I pay attention to this stuff.

[2022-05-24 Tue 08:54]

Brain insists on a CLI flow for this tumblelog. So of course I have to mess up my perfectly functional flow.

[2022-05-21 Sat 17:44] My basic org-roam-dailies capture template
Just a really mild adjustment to the org-roam-dailies “sane default configuration.” Main difference is an inactive timestamp like I have for the tumblelog — I like having a chronology — and some file tags. (setq org-roam-dailies-capture-templates '(("j" "Jot" entry "* %U %?" :target (file+head "%<%Y-%m-%d>.org" "#+title: %<%Y-%m-%d>\n#+filetags: %<:%Y:%B>\n") :unarrowed t))) I may go past this with specific templates for tasks and bookmarks. But first I need to make sure this basic setup works for me.
[2022-05-15 Sun 22:06]
Looking at all these notes I have in all these different tools. None of them fit quite right. And yeah. I know my problem is overthinking it. Doesn’t mean I know how to stop.
[2022-05-14 Sat 18:06]
Sneakers is one of my favorite movies, so of course I enjoyed Cracking the Code: Sneakers at 30. It’s arguably the best film about the internet ever made, and it came out before the internet as we know it was even really a thing. The word ‘internet’ isn’t even uttered.
[2022-05-14 Sat 14:55]
We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. I reinstalled Regolith. Yes it’s based on Ubuntu 20.04. In my case that’s a plus, since some proprietary tools I rely on have not been updated for 22.04. I feel like I have what I need with Homebrew over Regolith.
[2022-05-12 Thu 23:02]
Promised I’d go to bed before 11pm. Oops. Okay but just getting this link to Tide — TypeScript Interactive Development Environment for Emacs — before I go brush my teeth. Also? I need to fiddle with my capture template logic for these notes, so it exports the subtree when I file from wherever.
[2022-05-12 Thu 09:17]
Seeing if I set up ox-hugo auto-export correctly. Yep, though it didn’t apply until I reverted / reloaded this Org buffer. SITE/.dir-locals.el looks like this: (("content-org/" . ((org-mode . ((eval . (org-hugo-auto-export-mode))))))) Now ox-hugo exports the current subtree every time I save. Saving file /home/random/Sites/rgb-life/content/posts/2022/05/ Wrote /home/random/Sites/rgb-life/content/posts/2022/05/ Okay cool. Anyways, back to work.
[2022-05-12 Thu 07:39]
Last night I ran a clean install of Pop!_OS 22.04 on the Linux partition. All seemed well, until I noticed that no Electron-based apps had titlebars. Also? Unless I’m in tiling mode, they’re all stacked in one unreachable, unresizable mass in the middle. No screenshot, sorry. Had to get stuff done so I’m regrouping in the Windows partition. I’ll ponder what to do about it later. Might overlay the whole thing with Regolith Desktop until I get a better plan.
[2022-05-11 Wed 07:19]
Probably something to do with a quarter century of muscle memory and deep embedding of a particular tool’s quirks, but I’m having trouble sticking to Emacs over (neo)vim even for small stuff like this tumblelog. Looking at nvim-orgmode and even Neorg — though Neorg’s spec limit of six levels of header really chafes at my heavily outliner-oriented style. If I accept arbitrary constraints like that, then I may as well use Markdown or Asciidoctor.