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[2023-02-23 Thu 13:42]

Been getting deeper into SiYuan Note lately. It’s neat, and offers synchronization through Amazon S3 or any compatible service. Compatible? Well heck. Didn’t know that there’s something out there S3 enough without being S3.

Using Digital Ocean Spaces for the last month or two. Now I want to try self-hosted. Hopefully I can set up Garage on my Raspberry Pi 4.

[2022-10-22 Sat 07:26]

Supposed to be a quick “hey here’s what I’m listening to.” Naturally I spent half an hour being annoyed with trivial display issues.

Stay tuned while I decide on a better way to display album details from the local data. Maybe something with beets.

Meanwhile, here’s the general idea:

Ministry — Land of Rape and Honey (1988)


  • Ministry - Stigmata (Update Mix)
  • Ministry - The Missing
  • Ministry - Deity
  • Ministry - Golden Dawn
  • Ministry - Destruction
  • Ministry - Hizbollah
  • Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey
  • Ministry - You Know What You Are
  • Ministry - I Prefer
  • Ministry - Flashback [Explicit]
  • Ministry - Abortive

Playback and purchase options

via Odesli

[2022-08-04 Thu 10:04]

I tried visually replacing a few Logseq tags with icons in CSS. It worked!

logseq page
Three down, a few thousand to go

How’d I do it? Here I’ll just paste from my journal note figuring out the first one. I’m sure I’ll revisit this tonight after taking care of the day’s business.

  • #idea Thinking about custom tag icons for logseq
    • #warning under construction #warning
    • Inspired by Obsidian Alternate Checkboxes CSS snippet
    • Here’s what #idea looks like in the dev console:
      • <div
             style="display: inline;"
    • #question how do my installed plugins change the structure?
      • I don’t think I currently have any plugins that alter element attributes
    • Set up CSS Selector #bookmark to match
      • a.tag[data-ref="idea"]
    • Hide the displayed tag by making it tiny
      • a.tag[data-ref="idea"] {
          border: none;
          font-size: 0;
    • Append an icon with the font size we started at
      • a.tag[data-ref="idea"]:after {
          content: "💡";
          font-size: initial;
    • as-is, this has accessibility issues and font-size: initial won’t work with headings. Also, to do it right I should be encoding the icon

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