[2022-07-24 Sun 19:03]

Josh Parnell released the source code for Limit Theory, one of those Kickstarter-backed game projects that kind of imploded on a combo of complexity and high expectations.

[2022-07-23 Sat 17:55]

In the middle of Avoiding Toxic Productivity Advice for ADHD: Find What Actually Works and suddenly I am directly attacked:

freeze frame of linked video with quoted text
I feel seen.

[2022-07-20 Wed 22:14]

Did the useful Logseq puttering. Now some decorative fun with the Logseq Banners plugin.

[2022-07-18 Mon 17:04]

Figured out how to do text snippets in Visual Studio Code for Dendron notes. My wish for this world is less JSON.

[2022-07-18 Mon 09:16]

Cats haven’t checked in on me for a bit. It’s nice. A bit creepy, but nice.

two cats stare intently at you from under a monitor
Okay human, now do something interesting.

[2022-07-17 Sun 22:14]

TOEM game showing figure in hard hat with speech bubble that reads “ENGINEER NOISES”
My response when people ask me what I do for a living

[2022-07-17 Sun 12:41] Better than a gist

If you aren’t sure about the new 988 suicide prevention hotline, here are some other numbers you can call in the US, via Twitter.

[2022-07-15 Fri 15:15]

This week the Linux partition is EndeavourOS — specifically Qtile Community Edition.

[2022-06-23 Thu 21:54]

Thinking hard about whether to keep splitting my attention between multiple sites.

[2022-06-21 Tue 15:03]

I’m not dead yet! Site wasn’t updating because Netlify failed with an exit code 2. Bit vague. Finally had a few minutes to look closer.