[2022-05-03 Tue 19:28]
Oh hey DNS has propagated. So this thing has a proper URL now: Meanwhile, getting updates that our critters are being properly cared for while we’re on vacation, so I can do very important things like take pictures of shoes. Figure 1: A shoe in Vegas
[2022-05-02 Mon 15:26]
So what’s the plan? use Org mode for authoring and organizing on my side of things take advantage of Netlify features where possible loads of IndieWeb of course ox-hugo and Hugo were the easiest to start with on this idea, but I may end up somewhere else. Elder.js and Orga could lead me down another path, for example.
[2022-05-02 Mon 14:56]
Note added with a capture template, though I still need to manually assemble a bit. (setq org-capture-templates '(("t" "Tumblelog" entry (file+olp+datetree bmw/tumble-log) "* %U %?\n:properties:\n:export_file_name:\n:end:\n") )) Less manual construction than a couple minutes ago! I’ll have to learn some Elisp to make it work how it does in my head.
[2022-05-02 Mon 14:28]
Gotta wait for nameserver stuff to propogate. Patience is not consistently one of my virtues.
[2022-05-02 Mon 13:20]
Trying to use Hugo and ox-hugo to have sort of a tumblelog with Org mode. What’s a tumblelog? Just kind of a stream-of-consciousness blog. Might have recurring topics. Might not. Posts might have titles. They might not. Might be short notes. Might be long essays. Why? Inspired by the Rachel Quickblogge. Course she did hers the smart and quick way, using WordPress. But I gotta be me, and overthinking it is what I do best.