[2022-06-06 Mon 09:12]
Trying to keep all my notes in one spot. Failing utterly. But hey I am coming up with some fantastic-looking workflows for each note application along the way. logseq-plugin-link-preview and the Solarized Extended theme pair up nicely on Logseq. Figure 1: Logseq screenshot describing my current setup
[2022-05-30 Mon 13:45]
Having a fun day fiddling with the Templater plugin for Obsidian. Figure 1: Screenshot of journal page showing attempts at automating link creation Here’s the template code I have at the moment, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you. Borrowed heavily from ThoughtAsylum and Red Gregory. This is the template I invoke to create a new jot file. It prompts me for an optional topic, creates the file, and inserts a link wherever my cursor is.
[2022-05-24 Tue 08:54]
Brain insists on a CLI flow for this tumblelog. So of course I have to mess up my perfectly functional flow. I know I’ll fiddle with more later, but here’s what I got at the moment. I consider the Org inactive timestamps title core to the tumblelog flow. Better let time.Format produce something plausible in my Hugo archetype. --- title: "[{{ time.Format "2006-01-02 Mon 15:04" .Date }}]" author: - Brian Wisti date: {{ .
[2022-05-15 Sun 22:06]
Looking at all these notes I have in all these different tools. None of them fit quite right. And yeah. I know my problem is overthinking it. Doesn’t mean I know how to stop.
[2022-05-12 Thu 09:17]
Seeing if I set up ox-hugo auto-export correctly. Yep, though it didn’t apply until I reverted / reloaded this Org buffer. SITE/.dir-locals.el looks like this: (("content-org/" . ((org-mode . ((eval . (org-hugo-auto-export-mode))))))) Now ox-hugo exports the current subtree every time I save. Saving file /home/random/Sites/rgb-life/content/posts/2022/05/ Wrote /home/random/Sites/rgb-life/content/posts/2022/05/ Okay cool. Anyways, back to work.
[2022-05-08 Sun 13:37]
Tuning my Org tumblelogging setup for this site but of course since I’m using a Literate Config approach and generally publishing that stuff once updated I am of course reworking my because I wasn’t happy with how a code block was being exported.
[2022-05-04 Wed 08:45]
Sure would love to figure out beorg configuration enough to make it part of my posting workflow here. Well I sure won’t be learning all of it during this trip. Maybe after I get home — though the priority drops significantly when I’m in front of my home system.
[2022-05-02 Mon 13:20]
Trying to use Hugo and ox-hugo to have sort of a tumblelog with Org mode. What’s a tumblelog? Just kind of a stream-of-consciousness blog. Might have recurring topics. Might not. Posts might have titles. They might not. Might be short notes. Might be long essays. Why? Inspired by the Rachel Quickblogge. Course she did hers the smart and quick way, using WordPress. But I gotta be me, and overthinking it is what I do best.