[2022-08-04 Thu 10:04]

I tried visually replacing a few Logseq tags with icons in CSS. It worked!

logseq page
Three down, a few thousand to go

[2022-08-01 Mon 09:56]
I already knew Logseq does rich paste with C-v. Today I learned plain-text paste is C-V. That’s Control + Shift + v. Makes it a lot easier to paste bookmark titles.
[2022-07-20 Wed 22:14]

Did the useful Logseq puttering. Now some decorative fun with the Logseq Banners plugin.

[2022-06-12 Sun 19:05]

I’m gonna fill this space with the contents of a tweet thread describing my adventures importing Taskwarrior tasks into Logseq.

[2022-06-08 Wed 10:03]

Started playing with local custom.css to tweak the Panic theme for Logseq.

Screenshot of my Logseq page in Logseq with custom style

Some of those jots go back to Logseq 0.1.x, so don’t trust them.

[2022-06-06 Mon 09:12]
Trying to keep all my notes in one spot. Failing utterly. But hey I am coming up with some fantastic-looking workflows for each note application along the way. logseq-plugin-link-preview and the Solarized Extended theme pair up nicely on Logseq. Figure 1: Logseq screenshot describing my current setup