[2022-08-04 Thu 10:04]

I tried visually replacing a few Logseq tags with icons in CSS. It worked!

#+attr_html :alt logseq page /img/2022-08-04-logseq-icons.png

Three down, a few thousand to go
[2022-08-01 Mon 09:56]
I already knew Logseq does rich paste with C-v. Today I learned plain-text paste is C-V. That's Control + Shift + v. Makes it a lot easier to paste bookmark titles.
[2022-07-20 Wed 22:14]

Did the useful Logseq puttering. Now some decorative fun with the Logseq Banners plugin.

[2022-06-12 Sun 19:05]

I'm gonna fill this space with the contents of a tweet thread describing my adventures importing Taskwarrior tasks into Logseq.

[2022-06-08 Wed 10:03]
Started playing with local custom.css to tweak the Panic theme for Logseq. Figure 1: Some of those jots go back to Logseq 0.1.x, so don’t trust them. <!–more–> I changed the default text font to OpenDyslexic and code to the Nerd Fonts version of Fantasque Sans Mono. No I’m not dyslexic — at least I’m pretty sure I’m not — but I find these friendlier and easier to read than the more severe fonts in common use.
[2022-06-06 Mon 09:12]
Trying to keep all my notes in one spot. Failing utterly. But hey I am coming up with some fantastic-looking workflows for each note application along the way. logseq-plugin-link-preview and the Solarized Extended theme pair up nicely on Logseq. Figure 1: Logseq screenshot describing my current setup