[2022-06-11 Sat 10:05]

Got Org Babel playing nice with TypeScript thanks to ob-typescript. It's a wild Saturday morning here.

Takes a bit to get there on WSL but the code does run.
[2022-05-21 Sat 17:44] My basic org-roam-dailies capture template
Just a really mild adjustment to the org-roam-dailies “sane default configuration.” Main difference is an inactive timestamp like I have for the tumblelog — I like having a chronology — and some file tags. (setq org-roam-dailies-capture-templates '(("j" "Jot" entry "* %U %?" :target (file+head "%<%Y-%m-%d>.org" "#+title: %<%Y-%m-%d>\n#+filetags: %<:%Y:%B>\n") :unarrowed t))) I may go past this with specific templates for tasks and bookmarks. But first I need to make sure this basic setup works for me.
[2022-05-12 Thu 23:02]
Promised I’d go to bed before 11pm. Oops. Okay but just getting this link to Tide — TypeScript Interactive Development Environment for Emacs — before I go brush my teeth. Also? I need to fiddle with my capture template logic for these notes, so it exports the subtree when I file from wherever.
[2022-05-12 Thu 09:17]
Seeing if I set up ox-hugo auto-export correctly. Yep, though it didn’t apply until I reverted / reloaded this Org buffer. SITE/.dir-locals.el looks like this: (("content-org/" . ((org-mode . ((eval . (org-hugo-auto-export-mode))))))) Now ox-hugo exports the current subtree every time I save. Saving file /home/random/Sites/rgb-life/content/posts/2022/05/1652372242.md... Wrote /home/random/Sites/rgb-life/content/posts/2022/05/1652372242.md Okay cool. Anyways, back to work.
[2022-05-10 Tue 05:51]

Oh, and I’m working up yet another Emacs config reset, to simplify the learning process while reading Mastering Emacs. Using better-defaults as the core.

[2022-05-05 Thu 11:46]
My only intentional use of Emacs at the moment is assorted Org mode tools, but even at that level it’d sure help to get more comfortable with it. Got myself a copy of Mastering Emacs to fill in a few of the gaps between C-h t and wherever I’ve been at for the last few years.
[2022-05-02 Mon 14:56]
Note added with a capture template, though I still need to manually assemble a bit. (setq org-capture-templates '(("t" "Tumblelog" entry (file+olp+datetree bmw/tumble-log) "* %U %?\n:properties:\n:export_file_name: nnn.md\n:end:\n") )) Less manual construction than a couple minutes ago! I’ll have to learn some Elisp to make it work how it does in my head.