[2022-06-23 Thu 21:54]

Thinking hard about whether to keep splitting my attention between multiple sites.

[2022-05-24 Tue 08:54]

Brain insists on a CLI flow for this tumblelog. So of course I have to mess up my perfectly functional flow.

[2022-05-10 Tue 05:49]
Been sick the last couple days. Unsurprising after a week in Vegas. Modest fever confirmed, so it’s not just me being wimpy. At least it’s not COVID, according to home swab test.
[2022-05-06 Fri 23:56]
We’re home and freshly scrubbed. The critters missed us. All is well.
[2022-05-05 Thu 11:30]
Eight hours of sleep. Such a miracle! Course I think I mentioned we’re staying right in the Fremont Experience, so that required waiting until around 2am to fall asleep. I’m having some fun despite myself, but I am also very much looking forward to getting home.
[2022-05-03 Tue 19:28]
Oh hey DNS has propagated. So this thing has a proper URL now: Meanwhile, getting updates that our critters are being properly cared for while we’re on vacation, so I can do very important things like take pictures of shoes. Figure 1: A shoe in Vegas
[2022-05-02 Mon 13:20]
Trying to use Hugo and ox-hugo to have sort of a tumblelog with Org mode. What’s a tumblelog? Just kind of a stream-of-consciousness blog. Might have recurring topics. Might not. Posts might have titles. They might not. Might be short notes. Might be long essays. Why? Inspired by the Rachel Quickblogge. Course she did hers the smart and quick way, using WordPress. But I gotta be me, and overthinking it is what I do best.